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This policy is for all Fulham Lillies Independent Supporters Association (also referred to as the ‘Association’) Board Members. The policy is in place in order to protect the interests and reputation of the Fulham Lillies Independent Supporters Association.


1. Do not divulge information which is confidential to the Association, its members or suppliers Ensure that they do not conduct themselves in a way that is detrimental to the Association.


2. No derogatory language should be used towards:


•   Any player or person associated with Fulham Football Club (the Club);


•   Any Member of the Association;


•   Any person online commenting on the Club or the Association;


•   Any member of the wider football community. This includes match officials, other clubs,

leagues, associations etc;


•   Any player, official or representative of the above.


3. The Association does have a public profile, and as such can be subject to scrutiny by the media and public. This means all Board Members need to take great care to ensure that they do not at any time use social media in a way that could damage the reputation of the Association and its partners. Board Members must behave in a way which ensures there is no negative impact on the Association, its members or the people and organisations the Association works with and for Privacy and the reputation and feelings of others must be respected at all times.


4. Board Members should obtain the permission of other Board Members before posting contact details or photos.


5. It is in everyone's interests that Board Members do not make any comment, share images or information that may cause embarrassment to the Association.


6. As at all times, great care should be taken at all times to avoid using language which could be deemed as offensive (one way of approaching this is to consider how what you were saying would be viewed if it was broadcast as an interview with you).


7. In the course of working on behalf of the Association, Board Members could have access to information relating to the finances, budgets, transfer or recruitment activity of the Club. Information of this nature MUST be treated sensitively and confidentially. It is expressly prohibited for Board Members to comment on such matters publicly.


8. As much as possible, personal Twitter accounts (or other social networks) should not be used for Association business.


9. If personal Twitter accounts (or other social networks) are likely to be used to comment on official Association activity, biographies should state that "the views expressed are personal and not those of the Fulham Lillies Independent Supporters Association”.


10. The official Association accounts should block anyone sending abusive messages, anyone discriminating or engaging in intentional provocation


11.It is the responsibility of anyone publishing content on the Association's behalf to ensure they take additional precautions if they themselves use personal accounts i.e. keep the Association's accounts separately and ensure they are aware of which account they are using before posting any material.


12. As with all the Association's policies, any suspected breach of this policy will be treated seriously and investigated and may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

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